Party in Munich: Why so many young people meet outside – Munich

You just asked yourself that too. Why actually still so many people stay outside in the evenings, in the city’s squares. Saskia and Louisa are sitting on Wedekindplatz on Tuesday evening at 9:40 p.m. with two drinks bottles and a meal from the cardboard box and look around. Saskia, 29, works at the Rote Sonne club, and Louisa, 21, works as a bartender. You already know about leaving professionally. And they are not the only ones staying outside in Schwabing on this half-baked evening. Why isn’t everyone back in the bars, restaurants and clubs like before? “For one thing, it’s still just beautiful outside,” says Saskia. On the other hand, there are other tangible advantages.

“You can meet outside without a test,” says Louisa. “And the three smokers in the group are also satisfied.” Sit out without queuing and without having to show anything. Saskia pokes her box with a fork and says: “Outside you can also see a lot more flair.” Now the city has even set up its own containers to make it more pleasant to stay outside. The first hanging box is on Ackermannbogen. A room open on two sides with wooden benches. That is definitely well-intentioned by the Munich City Hall, but what is it about staying outside? In addition to sun, flair and a G-free evening?

A lot going on: Wedekindplatz is one of the popular places for people who stay outside.

(Photo: Stephan Rumpf)

Saskia continues to look around and says: “When you sit outside, the variety is greatest, there is the most to look at.” She laughs and sticks the fork into the vegetables. “And some,” says Louisa, “simply don’t know club life at all.” The Corona generation is socialized with the beer, disposable packaging and the search for a park bench, not with the guest list, VIP lounge reservation and the search for a parking space. And then there’s the money thing.

An evening outside costs less than an inside evening. There is also a component that can only arise after years of disco abstinence: “Overstimulation,” says Louisa. When she recently worked again at the Thiel station attendant, she was happy to have a counter between herself and the guests. “But I also miss some things, for example preparing to go out.” When you meet outside, nobody has to worry about not coming in because you’re wearing the wrong thing. You can only be too airy for an October evening. However, no container can help.

Nightlife in Munich: No light and a waste container as a neighbor: the city wants to offer young people more opportunities to hide.  However, the concept is not (yet) completely convincing.

No light and a waste container as a neighbor: the city wants to offer young people more places to hide. However, the concept is not (yet) completely convincing.

(Photo: Stephan Rumpf)

The first one set up by the city is not that easy to find, which is not only due to the fact that it has no light. It is also not very different from other containers, such as the orange one from the waste management company, which is right next door on Ackermannbogen. At least no one is here at 10 p.m.

The last four leave the fountain at Geschwister-Scholl-Platz at 10:10 p.m., one couple is left on a bench, three young men stroll past with soft ice cream. The café at the university, on the other hand, is well staffed. The colder and darker, the more people go out thinking about investing in a light from the glass and not from the bottle, because there is also the heat from the heater or even closed rooms. Or you can go straight to one of the heated inner city clubs.

Queues at Maximiliansplatz can also be viewed on Tuesday evenings. And Gärtnerplatz is also lively, although around 10.30 p.m. the temperatures drop into a slightly uncomfortable way. Lara and Amilia are sitting on a bench. You can stay here without any money, says 23-year-old Lara, who studies communication sciences. Your friend has pulled the XXL hood of her hoodie over her head. After all, these accessories, which otherwise only hang limply on the neck, are now used as an exception. “It’s more relaxed outside, there’s less going on, almost peaceful, and you can stay as long as you want,” says Amilia.

Nightlife in Munich: Hanging out in the light of spotlights and lanterns: This autumn, this is a popular leisure activity for many in Munich.

Hanging out in the light of spotlights and lanterns: this fall, this will be a popular leisure activity for many in Munich.

(Photo: Stephan Rumpf)

A few benches further sit four women with drinks. “We always meet outside anyway,” says 19-year-old Sarah. And then you decide where and whether you should go in, says the student. But they don’t like sitting on the Isar anymore, “it’s a few degrees colder there”. That evening there are only six hardened law freshmen squatting around Julius, a Munich resident who is familiar with the area and who graduated from the Pestalozzig High School. Julius shows the city outside, and nobody cares that the Isar is no longer so busy. First you want to visit the places to go out, and there the Isar around the Reichenbachbrücke is almost as well known as the P1 used to be.

Actually, the six wanted to watch football, but couldn’t get into a pub. In addition, the budding lawyers are not into queues or expensive drinks. The picture on this evening is clear: the outdoor season could well last a little longer until the first snow or continuous rain.

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