Party Games for Adults: These are the 10 best games

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You’re never too old for that: These are the top ten party games for adults

Do you already know these popular party games for adults?

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What makes a good adult party game? The answer is: have fun together. Therefore, all guests must be able to participate and the rules must be explained quickly. Here are ten game recommendations.

Good party games are simple and fun. Long explanations of rules and lavish game material are undesirable at parties. Team spirit and having fun together are much more important. We introduce you to ten party games for adults that you may not know yet.

1. “Twister”

The party game is an absolute classic “twister”. The winner is the one who can contort himself the most skilfully without falling over. A turntable indicates the different positions of hands and feet on the playmat. If you fall over, you lose. The preparation and implementation of “Twister” are very simple. All you have to do is assemble the turntable, spread the Twister mat on the floor and off you go.

  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Playing time: as you wish

2. “Teamwork”

At the game “teamwork” team spirit is the top priority. Two players form a team. Then they get word cards. They choose a word and have to form a grammatically correct sentence together. The difficulty is that this sentence has to be formulated together, while both players can only say one word at a time. Close listening and creativity are required. If the other players guess the term, the team scores. All you need are the word cards. So “Teamwork” can easily be taken to any party and played.

  • Players: 4+
  • Playing time: about 30 minutes

3. “Tick Tock Boom: Party Edition”

Repartee and imagination are required. The party game “Tick Tock Boom: Party Edition” requires quick thinking from the players. Five game categories test how quickly you can find the right words. For example, a task could be: “Find words that can be formed from the mixture of letters on the task card”. It depends on speed, because an electric bomb is ticking at the same time, which serves as a timer for the players. When it’s your turn, the bomb is yours. The goal is to complete the tasks as quickly as possible so that the bomb doesn’t explode right in front of you.

  • Players: 3+
  • Playing time: 30+ minutes

4. “Cards Against Humanity”

Warning, this game advertises that it’s a party game for horrible people. Don’t let that put you off though, as the statement refers to the game’s black humor. Players should have a sense of sarcasm and not take themselves too seriously. “Cards Against Humanity” is a special kind of question and answer game and a popular party game for adults in the USA. There are question and answer cards, with the question cards often leaving room for interpretation. In each round, one player reads a question card aloud. The other players have different answer cards in hand and put down the answer they think the questioner will find particularly funny or original. Once all of the answers have been read out by the questioner, the questioner decides who the winner of the round is. You’ll be surprised at the absurd combinations the game has in store.

  • Players: 2+
  • Playing time: as you wish

Good to know: “Cards Against Humanity” is an American game and therefore in English. It’s best to play the international version of the game, it doesn’t contain cultural references that only Americans will understand.

Tip: You find the game mechanics of the original exciting, but don’t want the game in English? The German game “Fight against philistinism” works the same way and is in German.

5. “Plain Text”

This party game for adults takes you deep. They literally have to bare their teeth. The game includes ten mouthpieces, which at first glance remind you of a visit to the dentist. If you are not yet deterred but curious, you should play the game “plain text” must see. Each player is given the task of reading out given sentences or pronouncing words. That could be easy if it weren’t for the jaw lock. Before players can read, they must insert the special mouthpiece. You can be sure that the clear pronunciation will be much more difficult afterwards. But the spectacle looks very funny and should cause a lot of laughs at parties.

  • Players: 4+
  • Playing time: as you wish

6. “Two fools one thought”

The game “Two fools one thought” is ideal for fun parties and social evenings. It requires inside jokes and team spirit from the players. One player reads a question, gives the other players some time, and then has all the players say their answers out loud at the same time. The aim is for the answers to be identical – or for two stupid people to have an idea. The pace of the game is ideal for night parties and wild mayhem desired.

  • Players: 2+
  • Playing time: as you wish

7. “The Perfect Alibi”

The party game involves bizarre crimes “The Perfect Alibi” to clear up. Two criminals commit a crime together. Before they have to go to their fellow players for interrogation, they have time to come up with a common alibi. The more valid it is, the better. Both perpetrators then have to face the interrogation individually. If they get caught up in contradictions, they could be exposed and condemned. The crimes are sometimes absurd and the justifications of the players can bring funny reasons to light.

  • Players: 5 to 20
  • Playing time: about 15 minutes

8. “Ass Card”

How high do you estimate a corn kernel can bounce when making popcorn? The party game asks these and other absurd guessing questions “ass card”. Of course you can only know the fewest answers to the tricky questions. The fun is guessing and estimating the correct result as best as you can. One player reads out a question card and the other players write down their answers face down. Each player must choose a teammate who will give the supposedly worst answer. That player gets the ass card. Those who were correct in their assessment can score additional points.

  • Players: 2+
  • Playing time: as you wish

9. Just One

“just one” was able to score as “Best Game of the Year 2019”. It challenges the creativity of the players. Together you have to describe words that another player has to guess. All players except the guesser write a clue on their boards to describe a word. Players then compare and sort out duplicate clues. It is important that the guessing player does not notice anything. The more different the clues are, the better, because otherwise it can happen that the guessing player has to guess another term using just one word.

  • Players: 3 to 7
  • Playing time: about 20 minutes per round

10. “Taboo”

The name of the game “Taboo” is program. You have to explain terms without using the taboo words on the game card. Creativity and quick thinking are required to be able to explain as many words as possible.

  • Players: 4+
  • Playing time: as you wish

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