Parties: Wüst does not expect new elections – desire for a stronger SPD

Wüst does not expect new elections – he wants a stronger SPD

Hendrik Wüst, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, wants a stronger SPD. photo

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He is considered an aspirant for the highest political ordination, but NRW Prime Minister Wüst is not pushing the drum for early elections. The CDU politician instead wishes the SPD more success.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) does not believe in early federal elections. Such speculation is doomed to failure because “all the traffic light parties obviously no longer have much in common on the matter, but they are not interested in new elections because they are all too weak,” he said in an interview with the German Press Agency In Dusseldorf.

The CDU politician explained why he wants a stronger SPD. “I am a great supporter of the People’s Party because strong people’s parties have always been able to form stable governments,” emphasized Wüst. “This is now being called into question by the weakness of the SPD in a way that we have never seen before.”

Wüst wants a stable SPD

“The crisis of this traffic light is particularly a crisis of the former People’s Party SPD,” he stated. “It would be good for Germany if the SPD were more stable and stronger and would thus make its contribution to the stability of this country.”

A look at the recent elections in the Netherlands, from which the right-wing populist Geert Wilders emerged as the winner, shows possible parallels and dangers. “The right-wing populists and right-wing extremists have unfortunately always been strong in elections in Germany – including in North Rhine-Westphalia – where the social democrats used to be strong,” analyzed Wüst.

The prospect that the AfD could celebrate successes in the European elections in June as well as in the state elections in Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg in September 2024 should not tempt the Union to become more right-wing conservative. “The CDU is always successful when it stands for a clear course in the middle and has a broad base – with diverse people who are able to win over very different people,” recommended Wüst.

Black-green is not a discontinued model

From his point of view, black-green is still a good coalition option for solving the many complex questions of the future. Even though Hesse’s head of government Boris Rhein (CDU) has replaced the Green government partner with the SPD, the black-green coalition is not a discontinued model, emphasized the head of the first alliance of this kind in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The ability to unite even disparate democratic groups in the political center is more important than ever before. Only those who can do this can provide answers to big questions about budget policy or how to support the industrialized country on the way to climate-neutral production.

“That’s why the black-green coalition will continue to be a model for forming stable governments that represent broad sections of society,” said Wüst. At the same time, the Union remains committed to being able to form convincing coalitions with all democratic parties.

The debt brake and the dream walkers

When it comes to accommodating refugees, but also otherwise, the municipalities are at their limits or already beyond them. Given the unresolved budget issue in the federal government, it is currently not possible to answer what financial scope there is for many other political construction sites, stated Wüst.

Nevertheless, the temptation to solve the problems on credit must be resisted. “I am very clear on this: the debt brake protects the young generation from the overreach of those in power today.” There is currently not enough talk about making a profit. “Where does this somnambulistic security come from that our children will have smaller problems than us? Where does the security come from that it will be easier for them to earn the money we spend today?” asked Wüst. “Every generation should get by with the money they are able to earn.”


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