Parking becomes chargeable for motorized two-wheelers from September 1

David Belliard is not afraid of the return kick. In the oh so explosive subject of paid parking for motorized two-wheelers (PTW), the Parisian deputy in charge of roads confirmed during a press conference on Tuesday that it would be effective from September 1. . Measure of Anne Hidalgo’s program at the last municipal elections, paid parking was to come into force on January 1, but was delayed “due to problems with FranceConnect “Says the elected environmentalist.

Because it is thanks to this state software that PTW owners will be able to assert their parking rights, much like motorists. It will therefore be necessary to do so by mail or on the dedicated site which will be put online on June 27, and provide the supporting documents or connect via FranceConnect in order to know your rights instantly. There are 6 in all: Low-emission vehicle, Handi, PRO-Mobile, PRO-Sedentary, PRO-Home care and of course Resident.

Three euros per hour for a visitor

“The rates will be half of those charged for motorists,” says David Belliard. Or 3 euros per hour in zone 1 and 2 euros in zone 2 for visitors. For residents, there is a subscription for 45 euros for 3 years or 22.50 euros for one year allowing the taking of daily tickets for 75 cents. However, only one residence permit per person will be issued. You will therefore have to choose between your scooter or your car.

Jean-Mac Belotti, coordinator in the Paris region of the French Federation of Angry Bikers, is not exactly angry. “It is a totally unfair measure, he denounces. And even if it had to be paid for, the price for a 2WD is exorbitant! Half that of a car while it only takes up a quarter of a parking space. In proportion, the motorcyclist pays much more! Unsurprisingly, David Belliard does not share this analysis. “It’s not just the question of the occupation of public space,” he argues. There are also nitrogen emissions and noise pollution related to PTWs. By rebalancing, we thus arrive at approximately half of the rates for motorists. »

A little over 10 million euros in revenue

For the deputy, this measure is more generally part of the city’s policy of “transforming public space with prioritization of its uses”, not in favor of motorcycles and scooters therefore. What Jean-Marc Belotti does not understand for whom “PTWs are a mobility solution, space-saving, with low consumption [3-4 litres au 100]. Cycling is good for short distances but for long distances, 2WD can be a solution. The biker also protests against a “totally anti-social approach”, by “taxing even more people who come to work in Paris” while gasoline continues to increase.

David Belliard has the parade and advances the 2WD Pass which allows parking in the car parks granted in the city at more advantageous rates. Switching to paying is also a way to “fight against suction cup parking” which encumbers the 42,000 places dedicated to 2WD. And it will be complicated to defraud since public car parking control contracts have received an amendment to control PTWs, control which will be done on foot. Finally, the fine will be 37.50 euros in zone 1 and 25 euros in zone 2. In terms of revenue, the town hall had budgeted 34 million euros in profit for 2022 but betting on a start on January 1, i.e., at pro rata, just over 11 million expected with the implementation on September 1st. To be put into perspective with the approximately 300 million euros generated by paid parking in Paris, all types of vehicles combined.

“Everyone agrees to fight against pollution and global warming, concludes David Belliard. But for that, it is sometimes necessary to enter the hard and today we enter the hard”. He does not think so well since the FFMC is calling for a big demonstration this Sunday at Porte Dauphine against paid parking.

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