Paris: a man shot dead in the street, the alleged perpetrator flees on a scooter

The events took place around 3 p.m. this Wednesday afternoon. A person fired in the direction of a bar in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, rue des Envierges, hitting a man, before fleeing on a scooter, Le Parisien learned from a police source. The victim did not survive his injuries, informs another police source.

According to an elected official from the 20th arrondissement, the victim was a local merchant, allegedly involved in a brawl with the attacker, who lived in the Paris suburbs. A woman was also injured by flying glass.

According to our information, the victim is a man in his thirties, one of the associate managers of the hairdressing salon located on rue de Envierges. A person “very well known in the neighborhood”, we were told on site.

Paris (20th century), this Wednesday, May 15, 2024. A security perimeter is deployed at the corner of rue des Envierges and rue Piat. LP/Elie Julien

It is “a priori a dispute”, relates Éric Pliez, mayor (PS) of the 20th arrondissement. “Two men arguing, coming to blows and one pulling out a gun. There were three shots, the firefighters couldn’t do anything. There are witnesses, people who were leaning on the terrace, the hairdressers, a lot of people. »

Still according to our information, the two men were seated at Vieux Belleville, an institution in the neighborhood. The victim was to have turned 30 this Sunday.

“I saw a man with a gun”

The bar which is on the corner with rue Piat now seems to serve as a psychological room where witnesses, seated on the terrace, are interviewed by the police, who are numerous on site. People seem in shock. “It’s crazy, it’s usually calm,” remarks Anne, who works right next to the scene. Even if there is a little traffic not far away…”

“I heard two shots, everyone went inside,” a young cook who requested anonymity and works in a restaurant on the street told AFP. I saw a man with a gun who shot another man, then he got on a motorcycle and drove off. » “A bullet went through one of the windows of the restaurant,” he added. According to him, the victim was hit in the “ribs”.

Another neighbor can’t believe it. “I saw people running, I thought I heard firecrackers,” she says. The person shot Chris, that’s what they call him here. He just became a dad. 9 month old twins, poor guy. There was no problem with this living room…” She also adds that the alleged perpetrator of the shooting “did not have a hidden face, witnesses recognized him”. “The scooter took off again. »

According to these numerous testimonies, the victim first tried to take refuge in the restaurant. “There was blood everywhere in the establishment, in the kitchens,” cries a neighbor. A pharmacist customer also allegedly tried to provide first aid.

A once “restless” neighborhood

A few dozen meters away, many parents are enjoying this spring afternoon with their children in Belleville Park. They don’t seem to have heard the scene that took place a little earlier, right next door.

Belleville (20th century), this May 15, 2024. A large police force is deployed at the scene of the tragedy.  LP/Elie Julien
Belleville (20th century), this May 15, 2024. A large police force is deployed at the scene of the tragedy. LP/Elie Julien

“It’s a neighborhood that was agitated a long time ago,” continues Éric Pliez. And his security assistant added: “We have felt a very strong lull for several years. Particularly due to the establishment of numerous businesses, a new population has arrived. Despite still being very popular, everyone lives very well together,” comments Alexandra Jardin.

A resident confirms. “It’s stupid, because the neighborhood had been quiet for several years,” she whispers. For her part, the elected official indicates that an investigation has been opened.

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