Paper association: Toilet paper supply is at risk

The paper industry warns of bottlenecks in toilet paper. Should the gas become scarce, this would also affect the production of the hygiene article.

Toilet paper could once again become a scarce commodity. This time, however, it is not hamster purchases like at the beginning of the corona crisis. The German paper industry warns of production problems. “We are particularly dependent on gas in the hygienic paper production process. If it were to go away, we would no longer be able to guarantee security of supply,” said Martin Krengel, Vice President of the “The Paper Industry” association, on the occasion of “International Toilet Paper Day” on Friday.

He sees the security of supply in Germany at risk. Toilet paper is an important commodity, not only in private households. “It is also indispensable in the workplace and in public facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and airports,” says Krengel.

Industry cannot simply replace gas

According to calculations by the association, 750,000 tons of toilet paper are produced in Germany every year. About 125,000 tons are exported, but the same amount is also imported. Half of the rolls are now made from recycled paper.

The association had already announced in March that gas as an energy source could hardly be replaced. Switching to other energy sources is not easy for the industry. Only a maximum of 15 percent of the natural gas supply in the German paper industry could be replaced in the short term.

Against the background of the energy turnaround, the trend towards switching to natural gas as a bridging technology has solidified in the paper industry. The share of natural gas in the total fuel use is now 55 percent.

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