Panic on board during emergency landing of Air India Airbus with engine on fire

The passengers of the Air India Express Airbus A320 which was flying this Saturday evening between Bangalore and Kochi (India) are not about to forget their flight. Shortly after takeoff, an engine located under the right wing of the plane caught fire. The spectacular flames caused panic among the passengers, as can be seen and heard on a video filmed from the cabin and posted online on X. The plane made an emergency landing, says India Today.

The 179 passengers and six crew members who were on board were then evacuated from the plane. No casualties were reported. The decision to turn around and land “as a precaution” in Bangalore was taken by the captain, the airline said in a statement sent to Indian media. The company also said that “thorough investigations” would be carried out to determine the causes of the fire.

Evacuation via slides

Video shot by a passenger shows panic reigned in the cabin once the plane came to rest on the ground and flames continued to come out of the engine. “Please remain seated,” a member of the cabin crew asked several times, before assuring that “everything is under control.” Other videos filmed from the tarmac show the confusion that reigned there just after the passengers were evacuated. We also see the Airbus slides deployed.

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