Pallet garden furniture: 20 cool DIY ideas

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Pallet furniture for the garden: beginner level

If DIY isn’t really your strong suit, don’t panic: to enjoy pallet garden furniture, you sometimes just have to stack .. and accessorize!

Pallet Stacking Garden Furniture
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Want a friendly relaxation area? Opt for the large-format bench, like a corner sofa! To bring a decorative touch to your pallet garden furniture, you can paint it in a trendy color. Versatile and trendy, gray is the perfect choice if you are the type who quickly gets bored. You just need to renew the cushions and the small decoration of the terrace to revamp your garden furniture at will!

Xxl Garden Bed
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Treat yourself to a 100% original idleness space, simply by taking inspiration from the pallet bed, generally intended for the bedroom. A model that will be even more canon if you fall for an XXL version!

Garden Bed With Terrace
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Too easy, stacking the pallets… And yet, you can make rather astonishing creations, like this bed extended by a table space, where you can easily store decoration, drinks or reading.

Pallet furniture for the garden: intermediate level

Not afraid to cut and screw? You will be able to design very pretty creations!

Traditional Model Garden Furniture
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Three pallets stacked one on top of the other, the fourth fixed as a backrest, and here is an armchair with a generous seat, perfect for relaxing! All you have to do is choose how you will dress your custom garden furniture. Vitamin colors full of pep’s, graphic print, ethnic chic pattern… anything is possible!

Pallet Bench
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Fall for the pallet bench: a perfect variation to enjoy an intimate and discreet place of relaxation at the bottom of the garden or at the bend of an alley!

  Pallet Garden Set On Wheels
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Who says your patio furniture has to stay put? Set up your garden furniture on pallets on wheels. And here is nomadic furniture, easy to move according to your desires or your current needs!

Vegetate the Terrace
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A corner of the terrace to bloom? A few clamps fixed on a pallet, and you just have to put down your flower pots! The good idea? Cultivate your aromatic plants there, which you will always have on hand to season your dishes!

Pallet Bar
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Two back-to-back pallets placed vertically: here is a compact and aesthetic bar, which will take on a very different character depending on the worktop you choose: slabs, cement tiles, wood… the possibilities are endless!

Pallet Bike Rack
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Addicted to cycling? Between two walks, park your mounts in style! The pallet bike rack is not only practical: it brings a real touch of charm and originality to the garden!

Vegetalise Palette Armchair
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Pallet garden furniture consists of generally thick elements. They are therefore easy to vegetate. The best for garden furniture that blends in perfectly with the decor! Even if it means adding a small piece of fake grass to the seat …

Brise Vue Vegetalise
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If you value your privacy, dare the privacy screen – or the fence! – in pallet. To bring it to life, you just need to vegetate it. Do you want to go further? Stitch a few solar lights among your flowers: not only will they sublimate your plants at nightfall, but you will also enjoy a friendly light atmosphere!

  Recto Verso Pallet Chair
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We love the pallet chair equipped with a seat on the upside and the front side! A model to be copied without moderation if you have a large garden, in which you frequently receive family and friends!

Pallet furniture: original projects for the garden

Aren’t you afraid of a real DIY session? Here are some ideas for making more sophisticated pallet creations for the garden!

Pallet Structure Bench
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A few dismembered and reassembled pallets, and here is a solid and charming bench to embellish the garden or the terrace!

Pallet Bar And Stools
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The pallets benefit from an ideal format to create an authentic bar. And if you’re not afraid to jump into a little cutting operation, you can even make matching stools!

Pallet Gardening Workshop
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Plant, sow, repot … rather than breaking your back to take care of your plants, set up a real garden workshop out of pallets! Not only will you have a great workspace and practical storage, but on top of that, it’s pretty awesome!

Outdoor Kitchen Pallet
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For you, summer rhymes with large tables? Arrange an outdoor kitchen in pallets! To give it more character, dare to mix and match materials, to be chosen according to the desired effect.

Tipi-Style Pallet Hut
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The wooden cabin: a timeless classic that never ceases to delight children … and the older ones! We opt for the tipi version, so trendy: a model easy to make using recycled pallets!

Pallet hut
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Fan of tradition? Get started in the construction of a pallet hut in a small house style… in a two-story version!

Mini Pallet Kitchen For Kids
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To avoid dinettes that go wrong in the living room, we offer authentic outdoor cooking to children… made from pallets, of course!

Swing Xxl In Pallet
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The swing, an equipment reserved for the little ones? Not sure ! This XXL version in pallets is a real invitation to relax. Irresistible !

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