Own brother’s child born: Unusual surrogacy

Watch the video: Woman gives birth to her brother’s child.

This woman carried her brother’s child to term:

29-year-old Sabreena Henderson, from California, USA, volunteers to help her brother Shane and his husband Paul.

Sabreena already has four children of her own. When her brother Shane comes out as gay and tells him that he wants to have children, she agrees to take over the surrogacy.

“When we first met, one of the first things my husband and I talked about was that we both wanted children. We wanted a family but weren’t sure how to make that happen. When my sister came to us and offered her help, it was life changing.” – Shane

Sabreena agrees to use Paul’s sperm and her own egg so both fathers are related to the baby.

The trio will make their first attempt at fertilization in November 2020, but it will not result in pregnancy. The third attempt in February 2021 finally works. However, the pregnancy only lasts 13 weeks before the family experiences a tragic miscarriage.

Sabreena then takes a few months off to heal both physically and emotionally. When the doctors told her that it was now possible to get pregnant again, they tried again.

“The day I found out I was pregnant again was wonderful, although based on our past experiences we were all cautiously optimistic. It’s been a tense nine months, but luckily everything was fine this time.” – Sabreena

After five failed fertilization attempts and one miscarriage, Sabreena gives birth to baby Tristan in September 2021.

“It was the most selfless act I’ve ever seen. She gave us what we wanted most in the world and completed our lives and families without asking for anything in return.” -Shane

“Seeing the happiness in her eyes and the smile on my brother’s face was worth it. And if they asked me, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” – Sabreena

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