Ottobrunn – Neighborhood help collects donations – District of Munich

The neighborhood help of the workers’ welfare (Awo) in Ottobrunn collects donations for their “Christmas in a box” campaign. At Christmas, people in need from the communities of Ottobrunn, Neubiberg and Hohenbrunn receive a package with food and other products that they would not otherwise be able to buy. Among the recipients are families as well as single people. Coffee, tea, pasta, pesto and Christmas sweets such as stollen and gingerbread as well as body care products are needed. Perishable foods such as cheese or freshly baked cookies will not be accepted. Donations can be handed in at the Neighborhood Aid office at Putzbrunner Straße 52 until December 5th. Submission is possible Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The products can also be brought to the Awo used goods department store at Alte Landstraße 5 in Ottobrunn and to the Emile Montessori school at Arastraße 2 in Neubiberg during the respective opening times. More information is available at

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