Östersund: Bescond (2nd) and Chevalier-Bouchet (3rd) on the pursuit podium, won by Olsbu Roieseland

Double ration of joy for the tricolor clan! Precise against the targets, Anaïs Bescond (20/20) and Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet (19/20) gave the French team a double podium in the first pursuit of the season on Saturday in Östersund. If Marte Olsbu Roeiseland (19/20) irresistibly took off in the last lap to take a 10th career victory, the tricolor duo resisted the yellow bib worn by Lisa Theresa Hauser to the end, and ideally launched the weekend. end in the French ranks. The Austrian keeps her leader’s tunic, in front of the winner of the day. Author of the best ski time of the day, Justine Braizaz-Bouchet is the third tricolor in the top 20 (12th, 15/20).

The scent of these confrontational races is decidedly unique. Under the Swedish drizzle, the suspense held until the end. The scenario, woven shot after shot, offered a final passage against high-flying targets. Six biathletes showed up on the last standing shot for the podium, and the French women did not tremble. Imperial against the targets, Anaïs Bescond achieved her first clear round of the season for a podium this season. Resilient in the last loop, the Jurassienne made her finish speak to steal second place from her compatriot Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet, 4 seconds behind the winner of the day.

First French double since … December 2019

Another great satisfaction in the French camp, the confirmation of the sparkling form of Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet (3rd, + 7 ”), red bib in the sprint and now propelled into the top 5 of the general. A change of status which she ignored at the time of whitewashing the targets. With a shot at the rendezvous, there is no doubt that all hopes are allowed for a second individual career victory which still eludes him. Illustration of the historic significance of this December 4 for the French biathlon, the last double podium on the French side dates back to December 2019, just two years ago. And it was already under the Scandinavian trees.

Once again in difficulty on the shooting range, Justine Braizaz-Bouchet (12th, 15/20) compensated for her clumsy rifle in hand with a supersonic movement speed (1st ski time). Without more success, Julia Simon (25th, 16/20) and Chloé Chevalier (33rd, 14/20) struggled to tame the elements. Small surprise, the Oeberg sisters, local of the stage, also suffered on the shooting range. Big losers in the last standing, Hanna (6th, 17/20) and Elvira Oeberg (7th, 16/20) will undoubtedly have a vengeful spirit tomorrow during the 4×6 km relay. But beware of the French, definitely launched in this Olympic season.

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