Orion Advent Calendar 2022 in the test: 24 erotic surprises

“A toy every other day” – that’s what Orion’s advent calendar promises. The 24 boxes are supposed to contain surprises with a value of over 500 euros. Of the star played mouse and opened all doors.

Whether young or old, straight or queer: According to Orion, the erotic advent calendar is equally suitable for couples and singles. The design has been kept neutral and therefore discreet so that the surprise boxes do not have to be hidden in the bedroom. According to the manufacturer, behind the doors is a colorful potpourri of sex toys, stimulation, foreplay and role-playing games with a total value of 529 euros. We took a closer look at the content.

In the following we will tell you in detail what is hidden behind the 24 doors in Orion’s Advent calendar. If you prefer to be surprised, you should read no further (or skip the second paragraph).

24 sexy boxes: The hot countdown to the party

First things first: According to Orion, all of the content can be used by both beginners and toy connoisseurs. This is made possible by a colorful mix of sex toys, a mysterious date night card, an erotic card game and an extensive booklet with various love positions. In addition, there is a dirty secret hidden behind the brave facade: the removable surprise boxes made of sturdy cardboard can be turned over. While the front of the Orion’s Advent Calendar (Dimensions: 47.5 x 42.5 x 9 cm) adorned with “Ho Ho Ho‑Writing”, there are 24 hot sayings and graphics on the back. So every day until Christmas Eve becomes a tingling experience.

Spoiler alert: That’s in the Orion advent calendar

According to Orion, the 24 surprises are all bestseller products that are intended to give couples and singles happy hours. The following is a detailed list of the entire content – including the value of the goods:





finger vibe


position booklet


Just Play Lemon Coco (50ml)






Just Glide Premium Original (50ml)


butt plug


vibrating cock ring


eye mask


Card game “Knick Knack”




anal chain


Just Play Orgasm Gel (50ml)


handcuffs (silicone)


love balls


lay on




cock ring


Date night card


Just Glide Waterbased (50ml)


mini masturbator


nipple sticker




Panty Vibe (with remote control)


Value of goods

529.00 euros

Conclusion: does the advent calendar keep what it promises?

After the table has listed how the value of the goods is made up, it cannot be denied that the purchase price amounted to 129 euros is a bargain. Nevertheless, the question arises: does Orion’s advent calendar keep what it promises? We think so. In fact, we were positively surprised by the quality of the 24 boxes and the individual products. Most sex toys appear to be of high quality, both in terms of look and feel. It should also be emphasized that all the batteries and USB charging cables required for the electrically operated toys are already included in the calendar.

While most need to be charged before they are “ready for use” for this reason, this is only a momentary hurdle. However, we noticed negatively after the 24 boxes were unpacked that the charging cables almost all look the same and yet do not fit into every “toy”. So it’s easy to lose track here – although it has to be said that the calendar is usually not opened on one day either. Another plus is the detailed instructions included in each sex toy box. It contains valuable tips on use and cleaning.

Our conclusion: All in all, the Orion advent calendar offers an exciting mix of erotic surprises that can (re)inspire your love life. The sex toys in particular make a valuable impression – especially the electrically operated toys. The other products seem a bit cheaper to manufacture, but this is also reflected in the unit prices (see table above). According to the list, the vibrators alone have a total value of over 300 euros, so that the erotic calendar for couples and singles at 129 euros for 24 boxes is a very inexpensive model in its league.

And one last tip: There are two more advent calendars from Orion with a retail value of each 400 euros and 600 euros.

Source: Orion

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