Organ transplant: Man hears new heart beating for the first time

Watch the video: Emotional moment after transplantation – This man hears his new heart beating for the first time.

A moment that John hadn’t expected for a long time.

Here he hears his new heart beating for the first time after an organ transplant.

In a work accident in 2019, John from the US state of New Jersey suffered an electric shock.

He falls off the outside of a house and lands on a metal scaffold. He gets an electric shock.

Five months after the accident, the 42-year-old was diagnosed with heart failure.

Since the diagnosis, his condition has initially been largely stable until his heart slowly begins to fail in July of this year.

In the hospital, he receives various medications and is connected to heart-relieving devices. From then on he has to stay in the hospital.

After some time, a suitable donor is found for him.

Hearing and feeling his own heartbeat again moves him to tears.

John can hardly put into words the feeling of being able to go outside again.

John and his wife feel very grateful to the donor and his family.

“From now on, I will never take life for granted again. Please hug your loved ones a little tighter every day from now on and kiss them one more time than usual.” -John vs. SWNS

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