Optimism (OP) tokens are now trading on several popular exchanges, including OKX, Huobi, Kucoin.

The original Optimism token is available for trading today under the OP symbol on a number of centralized exchanges, including: OKX , Huobi , Kucoin LBank, MEXC and AAX

As a Layer 2 rollup network, “Optimism” allows Ethereum applications to transact faster and cheaper. while maintaining security from the mainstream Ethereum blockchain.

Last month, Optimism revealedA new governance structure powered by its own tokens. It will be distributed via a retrospective airdrop to users, including early Optimism users and active Ethereum participants such as signers. They are multi-signature wallets, DAO voters, and Gitcoin donors whose snapshots of their addresses took place on March 25.

According to the preliminary announcement, 248,000 addresses received 214 million OP tokens (5% of total 4.29 billion supply), averaging 860 tokens per address. But these 17,000 addresses are cheap.delete later This reduced the expected total address to 231,000.

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