Open air festival Rock im Park in Nuremberg – Bavaria

The open-air festival Rock im Park is supposed to become more female, but it stops halfway: Although there are more female musicians than ever on the stages, the main acts in the evening are still dominated by their male colleagues.

Had Nina Kummer, singer of the band Blond, just cheered “Rock am Ring” into the microphone? At the start of Rock im Park on Friday afternoon on the Zeppelinfeld? Almost 50 years after Carmen Thomas, as the first female presenter of the sports show, sparked a debate about the talent of women in sports journalism with the slip of the tongue “Schalke 05”, a woman stumbled across his name at one of Germany’s largest rock festivals. Rock am Ring is the big sister of Rock im Park and takes place in parallel in North Rhine-Westphalia with the same line-up, one day later. With an announcement, the blond drummer Lotta Kummer was able to calm the booing audience: “We promise we’ll only say Rock im Park tomorrow at Rock am Ring!”

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