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The first episode starts with a fake orgasm in the car wash and ends with a porn actor with a knife stuck in his stomach. For adults only became the name of the British miniseries Adult material translated into German, and that says it all. The focus of the four episodes is Hayley Burrows (Hayley Squires), mother of three and porn actress, the latter known as Jolene Dollar. While she’s filming a little film for social media in the bedroom, it can happen that her little daughter knocks on the knock with bad news: “Mom, I think I’ve got worms again.”

At some point, Hayley’s carefully constructed double-role construct between terraced house and lingerie begins to falter. The trigger for this is an incident on the set with the young actress Amy (Siena Kelly). The 19-year-old is new to the industry and Hayley feels responsible for her. So also when a director suggests Amy to film an anal sex scene. Hayley takes Amy aside: “Nobody gets mad, everyone understands if you don’t want to do it. […] And if you really do it, you have to make sure that you get as much money as possible.” After that, Hayley has to leave. And afterwards he finds out: Amy shot the scene. And although she injured herself, everyone kept going. Disappointed Hayley takes on so much betrayal of trust with porn producer Carroll Quinn (Rupert Everett) and her entire industry – a battle she can hardly win.

At some point, Hailey starts selling used sports shirts and thongs online

Hayley once explained the situation to a lawyer who wants to help her: “Well, I have next to no evidence and my witnesses won’t cooperate with me. I have a new mortgage on my house, so I can’t pay you. […] Why would I go through all this if I wasn’t telling the fucking truth?” Hayley loses her job. In order to be able to support her family, she eventually starts to wear worn sports shirts (“extra stinky”) and thongs (“March 24). hours on the last shoot”) for sale online. She drinks too much and separates from her husband.

Hayley Squires plays the role of the porn star whose glory is fading brilliantly. She received an Emmy for it last year. Even if Hayley’s fight sounds a lot like David versus Goliath, like good versus evil, the series doesn’t make it easy on itself. Luckily. Even top porn boss Carroll has a soft side, wants to temporarily drop his lawsuit against Hayley and has an almost grandfatherly relationship with their children. Neither Hayley nor young Amy are just victims of the industry, but also know how to use their erotic capital in a very targeted manner. Incidentally, the series was predominantly produced by women, directed by Dawn Shadforth (who is best known for music videos by Kylie Minogue and Björk, for example), and the screenplay was written by Lucy Kirkwood.

Adult material ran on British television two years ago and was widely praised, now she has brought the first to Germany. The only blemish is the overzealous German dubbing, which makes Hayley’s breathy sentences sound a lot like a soap opera. If you can overlook it (or select the original version in the media library), you will be rewarded with really good television.

For adults onlyfour episodes, August 25, 12:45 a.m. in the first, from August 26 in the ARD media library.

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