Only 20% of AESH have the BAC level? It’s wrong

“Only 20% of AESH currently have the baccalaureate. Consequently, your proposal would have the effect of excluding 80% of AESH from your civil servant body, ”said Pap Ndiaye at the National Assembly during questions to governments on November 22. It mentioned the creation of a corps of civil servants for the accompanying persons of students with disabilities, proposed by MP Nadège Abomangoli (LFI) and elected NUPES.

“Decency and your responsibility to inform require that you add a tweet to point out that the percentage of AESH with the baccalaureate is 84%, not 20%”, commented a user. According to several people, the figure put forward by the minister is totally false. What is it really ? 20 minutes make the point.


The various unions were indignant at this intervention, which some described as “unbearable contempt on the part of the Minister of National Education”. The SNUipp FSU advanced: “On the level of diploma held by AESH, in reality, there is no reliable data. »

Indeed, no database lists the study levels of each AESH. The Ministry of National Education had nevertheless made estimates in February 2020 during a monitoring committee. It was a “very fragmented vision”, since the sample studied was 3,879 professionals, against 95,538 in post at this period.

Even if it is only a big estimate allowing to imagine the trend among AESH, the figures said the opposite of what the minister claimed recently. Only 8% of the workforce did not have a level 4 diploma, equivalent to the baccalaureate. It would be quite surprising if in two years the trend had reversed to the point of going from 92% of graduates with level 4 and above to only 20%. They were 43% to have the baccalaureate, 17% an L2 equivalent, 22% a level 6, and even 2% to hold a master 2.

There is a lack of AESH in French schools, which makes learning more complicated for children requiring support. And for good reason, the AESH must be satisfied with a salary of around 800 euros for a full-time job, or 24 hours of class per week. It is in this sense that unions are calling for the creation of a body of civil servants, among other things: salary increase, recognition of working time, etc.

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