One year suspended prison sentence for the attacker of a mayor

The attacker of the mayor of a town in Charente-Maritime was sentenced by the La Rochelle judicial court to one year of suspended imprisonment for aggravated violence, we learned on Monday from the victim’s lawyer .

The individual was also banned from staying for two years in L’Houmeau, where the events took place on August 19, and was sentenced to 140 hours of community service, said François Drageon, counsel to Mayor Jean -Luc Algay. The probationary suspension of his sentence will be, among other things, “subject to conditions of care and training”, added the lawyer.

Attacked by one or more members of the Traveler community

The attacker, born in 1989 and a member of the Traveler community, already had a criminal record, particularly for past acts of violence. According to France Bleu, the prosecution had requested two years of imprisonment, including one year.

Two days after the events, Jean-Luc Algay declared that he had been attacked by one or more members of a group of travelers whom he wanted to prevent from settling on the football field of this town of around 3,000 inhabitants. .

Injured in the ribs, Jean-Luc Algay was prescribed a temporary work interruption (ITT) of twelve days, ultimately reduced to six days.

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