One year in prison required for father who beat up his daughter’s underage attacker

A sentence of eighteen months in prison, including 6 to 9 months of probation, was requested on Tuesday against a father tried before the Roanne criminal court for beating a 16-year-old teenager suspected of sexually assaulted his little girl.

Three other people, neighbors who lent him a hand, were prosecuted for the same facts. The public prosecutor asked that they be sentenced to one year in prison, including six months suspended, for one of them, and two years in prison, including one suspended, for the second in a state of recidivism. Finally, a “relaxation for the benefit of the doubt” was requested for the third.

“We are not in the context of self-defense”

In a packed courtroom, the 28-year-old father of the family admitted to having “freaked a cable”, under the “blow of emotion”. On October 21, his wife surprised an unaccompanied minor who had just broken into their home. The teenager then infiltrated his 6-year-old daughter’s bedroom to sexually assault her while she slept.

“If it had happened at your home, I would have applauded and I would have even accepted violence supported at the time, concedes the magistrate. But we are not in the context of self-defense, with a response conditioned by the immediacy and proportionate to the aggression suffered by the child of this gentleman. “And to support:” You carried out identity checks and arrested people to photograph them in the streets of Roanne. »

‘Unbearable pressure’

“This intervention to apprehend the young man was beneficial. The degree of violence of my client is certainly illegitimate, he recognizes it. But he was under unbearable pressure with a feeling of abandonment and he no longer controlled himself, ”pleaded Me Anne-Laure Lebert, the lawyer for the father of the family.

“If we were in the context of a lynching, the injuries he inflicted would be of a different gravity,” she added, considering that the firm prison required against her client is “unjustified in the context of ‘human justice’.

In pre-trial detention after his indictment for sexual assault, the teenager did not attend the trial for security reasons. He denies any assault.

Judgment was reserved for March 7.

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