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Lindner rejects the Union’s criticism of migration policy

The FDP leader Christian Lindner has rejected the Union’s criticism of the planned migration policy of the Ampel coalition. “I don’t understand the criticism. The CDU / CSU parliamentary group is in search of their opposition strategy“, said Lindner on Thursday the television broadcaster” Welt “.

The Union had the traffic light parties after the presentation of the coalition agreement a “dangerous” migration policy and a “legalization of illegal migration” accused. The future government will create new “incentives and pull factors” for migrants, said Union parliamentary group Vice Thorsten Frei (CDU). Among other things, he referred to the planned lifting of the restriction on family reunification for those entitled to subsidiary protection.

“In fact, we have factors that draw people to Germany”replied Lindner. “These factors that have drawn people to Germany are the responsibility of the CDU and CSU.” He complained that the asylum procedure was taking far too long and “a return of people who cannot acquire a legal right of residence is hardly possible”.

The traffic light coalition is about distinguish between different forms of migration. “Yes, the immigration of qualified people, hardworking hands and bright minds will be easier. We also have a humanitarian responsibility that we want to live up to,” said Lindner.

The traffic light coalition wants to accelerate the asylum procedure “so that the people have clarity, so that no permanent right of residence is created “. At the same time, the future government wants to be” much better than the CDU and CSU have been in recent years “, emphasized Lindner, when it comes to repatriating people who are not legally resident in Germany.

The new federal government will appoint a special representative, who concludes migration agreements with other countries in order to ensure that people “who are not granted the right of asylum here can be deported more effectively and with legal certainty”. (dpa)

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