One Love armband: DFB opposes Fifa

One Love armband: DFB opposes Fifa

Manuel Neuer

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DFB captain Manuel Neuer will wear the One Love armband at the World Cup – against FIFA’s wishes. This is reported by the Bild newspaper.

DFB captain Manuel Neuer will wear the One Love armband at the World Cup – against FIFA’s wishes. That reports the picture-Newspaper.

“Yes! The power that the bandage has is good. They also wear other European nations, it’s good that we’re doing it together,” said the Bayern professional on Saturday. In addition to the German team, nine other nations want to set an example against discrimination with the One Love captain’s armband.

Fifa meanwhile announced its own binding campaign one day before the start of the tournament. All teams should wear an armband with a special message for each game. “#FootballUnitesTheWorld” should be on the armband on the first day of the game. The world association is planning a total of seven messages before the final. However, there is no commitment to diversity and against homophobia.

DFB accepts punishment

President Bernd Neuendorf emphasized on Friday that the DFB would not be impressed by any punishment from the world association: “The bandage starts exactly where we are concerned. I have always defended it, it is about human rights, a fight against racism and for women’s rights. Personally, I would be willing to accept a fine.”

However, it is not yet clear how FIFA intends to react to the one-love bond. “I’ve also heard a thing or two. Of course, the short-term nature is a bit surprising. It seems as if FIFA does not have a clear stance. We have expressed a clear stance on the issues. In that respect, I’ll see what’s coming. We’re in agreement again Nations off, that’s important. We assume that we can continue to wear the bandage,” said DFB director Oliver Bierhoff.

Manuel Neuer left no doubt about the support from the DFB: “First of all, we have to say that we haven’t had the experience yet, the whole tournament is an experiment. But we have the backing of the DFB, we’re not afraid.”

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