On TV and radio, women are more seen but less heard

The share of women on the air has increased in 2022, but not their speaking time, according to a report published Monday by the media regulator. The proportion of women on television and radio – as presenters, journalists, experts, political guests and speakers – amounted to 44% in 2022 (one point more than in 2021). This is the highest level since this annual assessment began in 2016.

Their speaking time, much less, on the other hand stagnated at 36% according to this barometer carried out by the Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication (Arcom), with the participation of the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) . The presence of political guests increased by one point (32%), but their speaking time was 29% on average.

“The speaking time of women in the government was on average 36.5%, despite the appointment of Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister and the strict parity put in place within the new government”, also underlines the Arcom. Conversely, experts (45%, +2 points), presenters (50%, +1 point) and other contributors (41%, +1 point) are on the rise.

Advertising strips and sexualizes women more

On the other hand, the proportion of journalists or columnists fell (42%, -1 point). Sports programs appear as a male bastion because they represent the least number of women: 21% presence on set, 11% speaking time on average.

Advertising approaches social reality with a majority of women present in the advertisements (51%). It also represents more women than men in scientific activities or driving, and conversely more men doing housework or caring for children alone. But it continues to convey gender stereotypes by stripping and sexualizing women far more than men.

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