On buses and trains: the obligation to wear a mask in Bavaria ends

Status: 10.12.2022 01:48 am

Local transport passengers can board again in Bavaria without a mask. The Free State is the second federal state to phase out the mask requirement in public transport.

Bus and train passengers in Bavaria no longer have to wear masks. The mask requirement in local transport ended at midnight on Saturday. However, a mask is still recommended.

The Free State is the second federal state to have abolished the obligation to wear masks on buses and trains. The regulation fell in Saxony-Anhalt on Thursday. Other countries, on the other hand, have already decided to continue to make masks mandatory for the time being.

Criticism of “patchwork”

As a result, different regulations now apply in local transport depending on the federal state, only for long-distance transport is a mask compulsory by law until April. The head of the railway and transport union (EVG), Martin Burkert, therefore called for a nationwide end to the mask requirement in the “Spiegel”. The current patchwork of rules is “simply no longer understandable”. Instead, wearing it everywhere should be voluntary.

Recently, the transport and health ministers of the federal and state governments had agreed to strive for a common line, but could not agree on any.

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