OM Ligue 1 LIVE: follow the match with us

There are victories that count more than others, especially in the final sprint. That obtained by OM against Nantes on Wednesday after the stoppage of the classico and after having been behind twice in the score, undoubtedly counts triple in the race for the podium. The Olympian dynamic of the last few weeks even invites us to think that it is as if it was done, between the rebirth of Harit, the regularity of Payet, or the slaughter of Guendouzi in the middle, but an improbable underperformance could restart everything again, while the semi-finals of the Europa League conference are coming to an end next week. But imagine that the Reims stadium has quite the lead in home employment. Recently, Oscar Garcia managed to annoy OL (0-0), and has just beaten Lille there​ (2-1) despite the absence of the Etikite nugget. Watch out for the trap match.

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