Olivier Véran plans an end to wearing a mask indoors and a reduction in the vaccination pass in mid-March, if the situation allows it

“If we continue on this dynamic, we will be able to completely get out of the wave in a few weeks”assured Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, Wednesday February 16 on franceinfo. “It’s definitely improving everywhere” even if“there are still a lot of sick people in the hospital”he explained. “Our strategy of progressive reductions proportionate to the viral load was the right one”congratulates himself the Minister of Health.

>> Health restrictions: concerts, masks, passes… New reductions in measures against Covid-19 Wednesday February 16

“Probably that in mid-March, if the conditions are met, we will be able to lighten again” health restrictions, announces the Minister of Health. “The conditions met means that the hospital is in normal operating condition, that we are no longer obliged to deprogram care, that the health load in intensive care does not exceed 1,000-1,500 patients. This what the models tell us today is that the circulation of the virus continues, but that it is very weak in our country”he specified.

“If we follow this dynamic, 15 days after February 28, that brings us to mid-March, we could start to seriously ask ourselves the question of wearing a mask indoors, for adults and children”, says Olivier Véran. “We could also start to lighten the vaccination pass” in mid-march “but keep it in places that are very at risk, such as nightclubs and there it would be until the end of March, the beginning of April“, he explained.

The Minister also insisted on the contrast between the health situation in France and that in countries which have made different choices to fight against Covid-19, such as Denmarktoday “in trouble”. The country “had deleted everything all at once, and it remains with an incidence rate of 7,000 and a mortality very much higher than ours”he pointed out.

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