Olivier Véran announces 47,000 new contaminations in the last 24 hours

This is a new level since spring 2021.

The fifth wave continues its breaking wave in France. The Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced this Tuesday, during a questioning session to the government at the National Assembly, that 47,000 new Covid-19 contaminations have been identified over the past 24 hours, thus revealing the figures that will be announced in the evening by Public Health France.

“The situation is worsening on the front of the epidemic. We deplore 47,000 contaminations during the last 24 hours”, declared the minister within the hemicycle.

“We have an average of the number of contaminations per day which exceeds 30,000, and which could be, if we followed this dynamic of + 60% per week, higher than the peak of the 3rd wave by the end of the week “, he added.

To find such a high number of contaminations, we have to go back to the spring: the number of contaminations in 24 hours had risen to 53,000 at the beginning of April. In addition, the record of contaminations in 24 hours all waves of the epidemic combined occurred during the second wave, when 70,000 cases had been recorded on November 2, 2020.

1,700 people in intensive care

The Minister of Health repeated that vaccination makes it possible to limit the number of serious cases, hospitalizations, resuscitations and deaths: “this is what currently protects our country”, “it is also the usefulness of health pass “. “But the number of serious cases continues to rise: 1,700 patients are in our intensive care and critical care services, which is why the recall campaign must be amplified,” he pleaded.

Especially since a new risk looms: the Omicron variant, which we do not yet know if it will be more contagious than the Delta and if it will partly resist vaccines. A first positive case for this variant, which is spreading across the world, has been identified in France on the island of Reunion.

“Other cases could be identified in the hours to come, I will obviously keep the French informed,” promised Olivier Véran.

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