Olivier Marchal shoots in the Marseille city “Pax Massilia”, a Netflix series

The series is presented as a sequel to “Bronx”, a film directed by Olivier Marchal and broadcast in 2020 on Netflix, featuring a gang war in Marseille led by a Corsican clan. To stay within the theme, the director has developed a series in six episodes, if we are to believe the companies that organize the castings, entitled “Pax Massilia”.

A shoot is taking place this Wednesday in a bar in the 7th arrondissement. According to some echoes, it should stage “the massacre of the Telephone bar” in which ten people were murdered in October 1978.

A case that remained unsolved and for which the police had issued several episodes including a settling of accounts between the two “godfathers” of Marseille at the time: Tany Zampa and Jacky Le Mat. Judge Pierre Michel, assassinated in October 2021, was in charge of the investigation. Enough to feed the scenario of Olivier Marchal, customary films of thugs and police.

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