Oldest woman in the world dies at 118 – she survived wars and Corona

French nun
She survived two world wars and Corona: The world’s oldest woman died at the age of 118

Lucile Randon, a French woman, joined the Convent of the Vincentians around the age of 40 and worked in a hospital in Vichy for more than three decades

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She was considered the oldest woman in the world, survived two world wars and Corona. Now the French nun André has died in a retirement home in Toulon. She was 118 years old.

French nun André, thought to be the world’s oldest person, has died at the age of 118. She died in her sleep in a retirement home in Toulon in southern France on Tuesday night, said the spokesman for the facility, David Tavella, on Tuesday evening with the AFP news agency. “There is great sadness, but she wanted it, it was her wish, to get to her beloved brother. For her, it’s a liberation.”

The nun, real name Lucile Randon, survived two world wars and the Spanish flu. Since the death of Japanese Kane Tanaka last April, she has been considered the oldest person in the world. The French celebrated her 118th birthday on February 11th. Shortly before her 117th birthday, she had survived a corona infection.

World’s oldest woman was a French nun

The nun was born on February 11, 1904 in Alès, southern France, into a family of Protestant origin. It was not until she was a young adult that she was baptized Catholic. At the age of about 40 she joined the order of the Vincentians. She worked for more than three decades in a hospital in the city of Vichy, caring for orphans and the elderly.


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