Oktoberfest: An Oktoberfest Day of the Munich Police – Munich

600 Munich police officers, supported by riot and federal police as well as emergency services from Italy, are on duty at the Oktoberfest. This Saturday from 12 p.m. to midnight, the police will provide an insight into what they are confronted with every day – at Social media marathon on X (formerly Twitter), hashtag Wiesnwache.

Radi, Obazda and Brezn initially concern the officials and the question: Who pays if they end up on the ground in the marquee? But the problem can apparently be solved without major police intervention – the waitresses get their money.

When it comes to a different type of consumer product, however, the officials take more serious action. Two tourists who are caught doing coke are taken to the Oktoberfest guard station and are only allowed to leave after paying a so-called “security deposit” – presumably expensive Oktoberfest fun.

An Oktoberfest visitor who passes the time in the festival tent with upskirting also ends up at the station. Because the person photographed doesn’t just accept this and calls the police. “Everything was done right,” the police officers praise the woman and point out the safe space behind the Schottenhamel tent, where anyone who feels harassed can get help.

The visit to Oktoberfest is rather short for some men, who start brawling around in the afternoon or rioting in front of tent entrances. One Oktoberfest visitor in particular apparently chose an unfavorable place for this.

But the Oktoberfest police’s operations are not always about criminals. Some things simply get lost in the hustle and bustle at the Oktoberfest and can then be picked up again at the Wiesn guard: a dog, a boy, a gift package. At least the eleven-year-old has now been picked up by his father.

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