Ökotest tests olive oil: Only a product from the supermarket convinces

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Doesn’t go down like oil: only olive oil from the supermarket is convincing

Olive oils from the supermarket rattle through the “Ökotest”.

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Yawning emptiness at the sunflower oil in the supermarket. So better switch to olive oil? Ökotest examined 19 olive oils. The result is bitterly disappointing.

It could be the heyday of olive oil. Anyone who stands in front of the oil shelf in the supermarket today is currently experiencing a yawning emptiness. Sunflower and rapeseed oil seem to be out of stock or are offered elsewhere for a lot of money. The reason for this is the Ukraine war. Most of the rapeseed and sunflower oil is imported. With 76 percent, Russia and Ukraine are the market leaders.

One reason for the alternative olive oil, which also makes sense from a nutritional point of view: “Olive oil can be used universally and cold-pressed has a typically fruity, Mediterranean taste of its own. The favorable composition of the fatty acids is also impressive,” according to the consumer advice center. In theory, the editors of “Ökotest” also see olive oil as a good alternative if it weren’t for the laboratory results. Almost all of the 19 olive oils tested failed mercilessly, a single one scored “very good”, two others with “satisfactory”. What’s going on there?

Olive oils from the supermarket smear

There are two main points of criticism: on the one hand, the olive oils are sometimes extremely heavily contaminated with mineral oil, on the other hand, the smell and/or the taste do not suggest that the specified quality class “extra virgin” can be correct. Alnatura oil is a good example of this. The “Alnatura Extra Virgin Olive Oil” tasted rancid to the sensory testers, and they described the overall impression as faulty. Two more, the “Ener Bio Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and the “La Espanola Extra Virgin Olive Oil” fail the sensory test.

Except for the “Rapunzel Crete Olive Oil Extra Virgin”, all 18 olive oils are contaminated with mineral oil components. This is of concern since the mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) can be carcinogenic. The laboratory found MOAH in a good third, and the saturated hydrocarbons MOSH in almost every oil, which accumulate in the body. What this means for human health is not yet known.

So only the olive oil from “Rapunzel” remains. But that doesn’t mean that it meets the highest taste critics. The professional olive oil tasters agree: In their opinion, a commercially available olive oil cannot taste “completely harmonious”.

You can read the whole test here for a fee!

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