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Black Friday Week continues on Amazon. The offers continue to come, often with considerable price reductions. Discover here our summary of the best offers on high-tech products.

Black Friday Amazon

Black Friday continues on Amazon until Friday November 24, 2023, followed by a marathon weekend that ends with Cyber ​​Monday on Monday November 27. For several days now, we have been offering you a selection of the best deals on high-tech products. And as the offers continue to arrive, here is our updated summary of the promotions not to be missed.

Amazon therefore offers significant discounts on a large number of products a few weeks before Christmas. It’s a good time to save money on your purchases and prepare end-of-year gifts.

Smartphones, tablets, connected objects, televisions… no category escapes the price massacre. We have combed through a gigantic mass of promotional items and offer you here a summary of the best offers on high-tech products. The PS5 at €429 is already out of stock on Amazon, but you can find the console at the same price on Cdiscount.

Amazon cuts the price of smartphones and tablets

The best deals on Amazon devices

Home/connected objects offers

Offers from the IT section

Audio good deals: headphones, headphones, soundbar

Best TV deals

Amazon’s program for Black Friday

The first Black Friday deals on Amazon launched on November 17, 2023 at 12 a.m.. As in previous editions, the site launched the promotions about a week in advance. It is the week of Black Friday or Black Friday Week which will lead us until November 24, 2023D-day.

Prices should not fall further on the many items already on sale. However, Amazon launches new offers every day on products that are not yet on sale at the moment. We will be sure to keep you up to date with the latest and most interesting offers.

The campaign will continue until November 27, 2023, date of Cyber ​​Monday. The different brands have gotten into the habit of offering big promotions on the Monday following Black Friday to close the marathon. The next few days will be intense. But we advise you not to delay too long to seize the discount opportunities if there are any that interest you. There is no guarantee on the sustainability of stocks.

The PS5 at only €429 (finished on Amazon, but at the same price on Cdiscount)

PS5 on sale

One of our favorites at the start of Black Friday on Amazon is obviously the promotion on the PS5. The Sony console is in fact at its cheapest price on Amazon since its launch. While it was still very difficult to find it in stock just a few months ago, it is now permanently available.

So much so that it is the subject of promotions from time to time. At €429, the reduction granted is €121. We have never seen the console at this price, except on AliExpress very recently where it was offered at €400, but briefly. All the more reason not to wait too long to jump at the opportunity, because it will not remain available for very long at this price.

Finally, if you want to buy a second controller, know that the Dualsense is also on sale on Amazon during Black Friday. It is priced at €49.99 whereas you usually have to pay €69.99 to get it.

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