Off to the fresh air: do you know these outdoor toy innovations for 2022?

Novelties 2022
Get out into the fresh air: outdoor toys for the whole family

Outdoor toys bring creative activity outdoors and are suitable for the whole family.

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The warm temperatures extend the living space outdoors, so the garden, park and meadows offer space for activities together with the family. Which outdoor toys will be fun in 2022? Eight ideas.

As spring gets warmer, people spend more time outside. More space, fresh air and sun invite you to move all activities outdoors. So also playing together and spending time with the whole family. Outdoor toys offer a creative pastime. What eight ideas you should definitely try in 2022?

1. Bow and Arrow

Playing with requires concentration and coordination bow and arrow. But it’s just as much fun and anyone who shoots accurately at the target is certainly proud.

2. Skill game

The outdoor game “Stakk” is reminiscent of Boccia and Boule. Two teams try at this skill game, to place their dice as close as possible to the target dice. If you are closer to the target cube, you can build it into your tower. Round by round the tower grows, but it can also be toppled.

3. Ball game

Two players or two teams of two players each join pitchball against each other. The center of the ball game is the net in the middle. The ball is thrown by hand onto the slightly elastic net and must be brought back onto the net by the opposing team. The ball can be touched up to three times per turn. If the net is missed, the opposing team gets a point.

4. Children’s barbecue

Emulating adults makes children happy. It’s too exciting what the parents do. With this Barbecue for children can be grilled at the same time in summer. Accessories such as a burger, grill tongs and plates are included.

5. Can Toss Game

The classic from the fair can easily be played in the home garden. This can toss game has everything you need: cans and throw bags. The timeless classic is suitable for young and old.

6. Wooden horse

A horse of their own is often a big wish for children. This could be a start wooden horse be for the garden. There are also accessories such as a saddle and reins. Thanks to the rollers on the feet of the wooden horse, the mount can be easily moved.

7. Ring toss game

Marksmanship requires this ring toss game and is reminiscent of a dartboard. It is ready to use within a few minutes and the game principle is easy to understand.

8. Adventure play tent

A home of their own makes children’s eyes light up, it’s too much fun to be in a garden shed or adventure playtime to set up comfortably. The play tunnel connects both tents and offers plenty of space for siblings or visiting friends.

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