Oberschleißheim – protest against tree felling – Munich district

A series of planned tree fellings met with resistance in Oberschleißheim. The Greens and one citizen are particularly vehement in their opposition to the removal of a birch and a pine tree from a property on Haselsbergerstrasse. Three new buildings have already been erected there. A fourth house is planned, so the trees should give way. But Fritz-Gerrit Kropp (Greens) raised a vehement objection in the building committee of the municipal council. “No attempt is made to preserve the trees.” The birch is five meters away from the construction line, which is incorrectly represented on the plans, where the tree is two meters closer to the future house.

The case also brought the landscape architect Gabriele Kämpf to the scene, who is campaigning for the trees at the district office that stand directly on the Kirchbach. It is an ensemble that characterizes the townscape and a retreat for many animals. Overall, Kampf criticizes the dense development of new houses on the street and the “very high degree of sealing” that has already been achieved. The construction of the fourth house is not justifiable.

The building committee nevertheless approved the felling by a majority, after a representative of the building authority had asserted that the case had been dealt with intensively. The birch reached too close to the construction site with its crown and would inevitably be damaged by the work. Replacement plantings are planned. At this point, however, Stefan Vohburger (free voters) also digged deeper and criticized the fact that fruit trees were conspicuously often sought as compensatory planting. However, these are not protected by the Tree Protection Ordinance. This “then at some point no longer makes sense”.

At the suggestion of Stefan Vohburger, a replacement for two more about 15 meter high ash trees that are about to be felled should be created directly at the same location at the Deutsches Museum’s airyard. The trees there belonged to the ensemble. The felling itself was undisputed and was justified by a progressive ash dieback. The committee currently rejected another application for the felling of 21 trees protected by the ordinance with a trunk circumference of more than 80 centimeters on Hirschplanallee because the “Augustinum Werkstätten” development plan process has not yet been completed. A total of 36 trees are said to fall there.

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