Oberschleißheim – New railway calendar – District of Munich

Alexander Bauer, manager of the Hofgarten at Schleissheim Palace, has put together a new railway calendar.

“Watch out for the train 2023 – railway impressions away from the highways”: This is the title of the new calendar that Alexander Bauer, manager of the Hofgarten at Schleissheim Palace, designed for railway enthusiasts. The passionate amateur photographer has collected more than 50 photos, some of them large format, for the 13 calendar pages. You can see some historical pictures from his collection and pictures that are often photographed from an unusual angle – and show the romance “that you can still experience today, despite progressive modernization and uniformity in rail traffic,” as the editor writes.

According to Bauer, this year he considered for a long time whether he could have the railway calendar produced at all due to rising paper and printing costs. But because it has had a large fan base since 2013, when the calendar was first offered, it is now available. Anyone who buys it is doing good with it: Bauer wants to donate a fixed amount for each copy sold in order to support a friend’s children’s aid projects, as in the past. The calendar is available from this Thursday, November 24th, at the Schleißheim Tourist Office, Wilhelmshof 4, and at “Zeitschriftwaren am Schloß” at Freisinger Straße 11 in Oberschleißheim. It costs 39 euros.

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