Nuremberg: Driver brakes drunk after hit-and-run – Bavaria

A driver pulled a drunk man out of traffic in Nuremberg who had previously fled his car from the scene of an accident. The 33-year-old drove his car into a woman’s car on Sunday afternoon, the police said on Monday. She pulled over to the side of the road to handle the accident while the man accelerated and drove away. The officers later determined that he had an alcohol level of more than three per mille.

After the accident, several Nuremberg police patrols searched for the fugitive, who had already noticed other road users because of his driving style. After the 33-year-old drove through an intersection when it was red, a 36-year-old stepped in and drove his car after him. At another intersection, he managed to stop and hold the 33-year-old until the police arrived.

Among other things, an investigation was initiated against the 33-year-old on suspicion of endangering road traffic and unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident. His car keys were secured.

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