Nuremberg: Dispute about Söder graffiti in SS uniform ends up in court – Bavaria

The dispute over a graffiti showing Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) in a kind of SS uniform is now before the court in Nuremberg. The district court issued a penalty order against the sprayer for using unconstitutional license plates and insults and imposed a fine of no more than 90 daily rates, a judicial spokeswoman said on Tuesday. However, the latter lodged an objection, so that the penalty order did not become final.

According to the court spokeswoman, it is not yet clear when the main hearing in the matter will take place. According to the court spokeswoman, the graffiti is on a barn in the south of Nuremberg. Whether this has to be removed will not be decided in the criminal proceedings, according to her information. The State Chancellery declined to comment on the ongoing proceedings.

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