Number of mysterious sting victims surges, nine complaints filed

A number that continues to grow. In recent days, about fifteen people went to the emergency room of Grenoble hospital to consult, complaining of having been stung and made unwell during evenings in discotheques or during concerts. Nine complaints have been filed to date, we learn from the prosecution, which opened an investigation at the start of the week for the administration of harmful substances.

So far, only one person has reported being robbed. His keys, his phone, his watch and his bank card were stolen from him in a nightclub in Voiron. The others found no crime and were not victims of sexual assault. A second victim, in the last identified, thinks that a substance could have been poured into her drink when she went out to smoke with friends.

Similar facts in Hérault

The prosecution invites other potential victims to make themselves known by filing complaints. “The examinations to be carried out to look for traces of GHB (nicknamed the date rape drug) must be carried out as early as possible and in any case before 8 am (blood) or 12 pm (urine)”, recalls Eric Vaillant, public prosecutor from Grenoble.

The facts occurred between April 15 and 17 in various establishments in Grenoble and its inner suburbs. Similar facts were also observed during the same period in Hérault and in March in Nantes.

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