Novak Djokovic played with a 3cm tear in his thigh, tournament boss reveals

His opponents, all beaten three sets to zero except Enzo Couacaud in the 2nd round, would probably have preferred not to know. Novak Djokovic, winner of the Australian Open on Sunday after rolling over competition, played in the tournament with a three-centimeter tear in his left hamstring, Australian Grand Slam boss Craig Tiley revealed on Wednesday. . Unimaginable for anyone who has ever played sports, but therefore true.

“It’s hard to believe you can accomplish such things with those kinds of injuries, but he’s remarkable,” Tiley said at Australian media Sports Entertainment Network. I’ve seen the scans, yes, the doctors will confirm that. He handled it extremely professionally. He pays attention to what he eats, what he drinks, when he does it, how he does it. And there is never a less mentally good blow to him. »

Djoko promised “more details” soon

Craig Tiley is well aware that speculation has been rife during the fortnight on this injury, with many people questioning the veracity of Djokovic’s statements. “Novak sometimes suffers from a bad reputation. There has been a lot of speculation. But at the end of the day, I don’t think anyone can question the way they manage their body,” said the Australian leader.

For his part, the Serb announced on Tuesday his intention to soon publish photos “which will show what we endured” (him and his staff) during this fortnight in Melbourne. “I will give more details soon,” he promised. He did the same after winning the 2021 edition with a 2.5 cm abdominal tear.

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