“North by Northwest”: Hauke ​​Jacobs pulls the trigger

ARD crime thriller
Hauke ​​Jacobs pulls the trigger – that’s what happens in the new episode of “Nord bei Nordwest”

Scene from North by Northwest: Hauke ​​Jacobs (Hinnerk Schönemann) is in great danger this time.

© NDR/Sandra Hoever / ARD

Things get unusually serious in the new episode of “Nord bei Nordwest”: Hauke ​​Jacobs and his colleague are dealing with a criminal ring – and they’re shooting sharply.

For Commissioner Hannah Wagner (Jana Klinge), the new episode of “Nord bei Nordwest” develops into a journey into the past: First, she meets her ex-colleague Jost Striesow (Jakob Benkhofer), who was apparently bribed by a drug ring in Kiel and kidnapped a girl who wants to testify as a witness in a trial.

Together with Hauke ​​Jacobs (Hinnerk Schönemann) she takes up the pursuit – and there is an exchange of gunfire. To shed more light on the matter, Hannah calls another colleague from the old days: Lasse Huppertz (Thomas Niehaus), with whom she once shared not only the office.

Is it just jealousy, or are Hauke’s reservations about his colleague’s former lover also technically justified? In any case, Huppertz and his colleague Nina Wegendorf (Franziska Hartmann) are anything but confidence-inspiring: the freed girl escapes from the first thing that comes up.

“North by Northwest”: Visit from Kiel

In any case, Hauke ​​Jacobs’ antipathy towards his colleagues from Kiel is mutual: Hupperts, who has traveled from the state capital to rural Schwanitz, is extremely condescending about Jacobs. “You don’t want to share an office with a vet for the rest of the day, do you?” he asks Hannah Wagner.

But she breaks a lance for her colleague, who continues to stand between two women: because veterinarian Jule Christiansen (Marleen Lohse) continues to court the favor of the attractive single. Privately she worries about her ailing father and Hauke ​​Jacobs comforts her.

The case is solved after 90 minutes – but how Hauke ​​Jacobs’s love life will continue remains open.

“Nord bei Nordwest – Der Ring” runs on Thursday, January 13 at 8:15 p.m. on ARD. There are older episodes of the crime series in the ARD media library


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