Norman Foster: Photo book shows impressive buildings by the star architect

He put a dome back on the Reichstag building in Berlin: the British architect Norman Foster is known for his spectacular buildings and has been one of the stars of the industry for many decades. In Germany, the 88-year-old is primarily associated with the redesign of the Reichstag building after reunification. Foster created numerous iconic buildings worldwide – including airports and company headquarters, skyscrapers and bridges.

Taschen Verlag has now published a two-part illustrated book that deals in detail with Foster’s work. A book contains more than 2000 photos and sketches and shows the most important buildings from Foster’s career. In the second volume, the architect gives an insight into his creative process and reveals the sources of his inspiration.

“Norman Foster”, Norman Foster, Philip Jodidio, hardcover, 2 volumes in a slipcase, 30.8 x 39 cm, 9.74 kg, 1064 pages, 350 Euro,

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