Nordahl Lelandais caught having sex in the prison visiting room

Nordahl Lelandais is again in the news. The man sentenced in February 2022 to life imprisonment for the murder of little Maëlys was surprised, Thursday April 28, 2022, in full sexual act by the prison officers of the prison of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, in Isère.

According to information from Dauphiné liberatedit was the very first parlor obtained by this woman who lives in Paris. “She maintained a sustained correspondence with the person concerned before taking the steps to apply for a permit: this was granted by the management of the establishment in view of the favorable opinion resulting from the prefectural investigation”specifies the prison management.

However, this permit issued by the Iséroise prison was “classic” and no “conjugal”. During his previous romantic relationship behind bars, the ex-dog master had benefited from stays in a family living unit, precisely allowing moments of intimacy between the prisoner and his visitor. On the other hand, during a classic parlor, considered a public place, sexual relations are prohibited.

He risks fourteen days of disciplinary quarter

Several prison officers therefore intervened, just moments after the start of the meeting. Taken back to his cell in solitary confinement, Nordahl Lelandais would have been threatening towards the agents, reveals our colleagues from the Dauphine liberated.

The murderer of little Maëlys is under sanction from the prison administration for acts of exhibition. He risks fourteen days in disciplinary quarters.

For her part, her new partner saw her visiting permit suspended, as a precaution. It will be the subject of a contradictory procedure.

Sentenced to life imprisonment, with a security period of 22 years, for the murder of little Maëlys, Nordahl Lelandais was sentenced in March 2022 to eight additional months in prison for “concealment”, after the prison administration discovered two mobile phones in his cell in 2021.

Nordahl Lelandais caught having sex in the prison visiting room

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