no traces of GHB revealed after the series of bites in Grenoble

The first elements of the investigation, carried out in the Grenoble region after a series of enigmatic stings in the evening, did not make it possible to establish with certainty that the victims could have been drugged with GHB without their knowledge. On the contrary.

The toxicological analyzes carried out on the 13 people who filed a complaint were aimed at looking for any trace of an illicit substance. They turned out to be negative for three of them, the Grenoble prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday.

No suspect arrested

“In two of these three analyses, the samples were taken more than seventeen hours after the events, which does not make it possible to formally exclude a toxic administration of GHB”, explains Eric Vaillant, public prosecutor indicating that he is still waiting for the result of seven analyses. “But the Grenoble University Hospital has already told us that all the research for GHB has been carried out and is negative,” he specifies.

No suspects have been arrested so far. The investigations are continuing. Similar facts have recently been recorded in Rennes, Béziers and in the Nantes region.

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