No, Sony is not buying CD Projekt Red – Cyberpunk 2077

A Destiny insider named Liz drew a lot of attention over the weekend after was claimedthat Sony is considering acquiring CD Projekt Red (The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077). Now CD Projekt Red has put things in order after an earnings call where management said the studio is not for sale.

Here is what Adam Kiciński, President and CEO of CD Projekt, had to say to his investors and owners:

“On our end nothing has changed. So I can repeat what we have said over the years – CD Projekt is not for sale. We want to remain independent. We have an excellent strategy, I think. Certainly not easy to implement, but it’s very exciting to go our own way, so it’s just a rumor.”

While CD Projekt Red definitely suffered a lot after Cyberpunk 2077’s botched launch, it seems like they’re hell bent on making things right again. First they made sure that the game actually delivers what was promised and then they also announced several new The Witcher projects (including The Witcher Remake and a brand new trilogy).

The upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 expansion Phantom Liberty will be playable during the Summer Game Fest event, so things seem to be back on track for this Polish powerhouse.

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