no return to normal for “several quarters”, according to Thierry Breton

“I think that the peak is rather behind us, indicated the European commissioner for the internal market, guest of the France info / Inter / Le Monde program“ Political questions ”.

The end of shortages, which particularly affect semiconductors, will not come before “several quarters” even if “the peak is rather behind us“Said Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, on Sunday.

It won’t last, but it also won’t fade in three months“, Judged Thierry Breton in the show”Political questions»(France info / Inter / Le Monde). “I think the peak is rather behind us, but to return to normal it will take several more quarters“, He added, referring to a possible normalization of demand next summer.

A global crisis

Since the start of the year, faced with the rebound in demand and supply disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, some sectors have struggled to keep up, such as semiconductors, produced mainly in Asia and essential in electronics. The automotive sector, where semiconductors such as microchips are ubiquitous, is probably the most affected. In the third quarter, auto factories have thus chained the days of closures.

Globally, across the industry, shortages could prevent the production of 7.7 million vehicles worldwide in 2021, according to AlixPartners, for a shortfall of 180 billion euros. In another register, manufacturers of video game consoles are also struggling to keep up with demand.

Asked by reporters about the effect of the shortages on Christmas, Mr Breton said that “there will undoubtedly be a little delay, but we are not facing an absolutely dramatic shortage“.

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