No, Gabriel Attal did not affirm that the deputies benefit from a “sanitary immunity”

“Another scientific feat”, “thank you Gabriel for so much sincerity” … A round of ironic or indignant comments greeted a false quote attributed to Gabriel Attal. Abundantly relayed on Facebook or Twitter, this one attributes astonishing remarks to the spokesperson of the government: “The deputies benefit from a sanitary immunity due to their function”.

This fake quote was coined by the satirical site Sure Source. – Facebook screenshot

An allusion to parliamentary news: the deputies rejected, on January 5,
an amendmentRequesting the presentation of a vaccination pass to access the National Assembly or the Senate. The deputies feared that the Constitutional Council would reject it, seeing it as an obstacle to democracy,
reportThe Parisian. On the other hand, the restaurants and the refreshments of these assemblies are for their part subjected to the presentation of a sanitary pass.


The false quote attributed to Gabriel Attal comes from the parody site, whose slogan is “All the info verified or almost”. The authors of the site remind us, in the “About” section: it is a site “with a humorous and parodic vocation”.

False quotes from this site have already been included in the first degree. In 2019, it was a false quote attributed to Sibeth Ndiaye that had sparked mockery towards the one who was then spokesperson for the government.

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