No Bavarian MP is observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution – Bavaria

In Bavaria, no members of the state parliament are currently being observed by the domestic protection of the constitution. This was announced by the Ministry of the Interior at the request of the Green MP Toni Schuberl. “There is a special observation threshold for the observation of MPs,” emphasized the Ministry of the Interior. It is only permissible if the consideration in the individual case shows that a member of parliament is abusing his mandate to fight against the free democratic basic order or is actively and aggressively fighting it.

The background to the request is the recent personnel reshuffle in the AfD parliamentary group. After the death of former AfD MP Josef Seidl, Oskar Atzinger from the Passau district entered parliament via the Lower Bavarian list. Atzinger was a member of the party “The Republicans” for many years.

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