No, an obscene slide was not installed in a school

“Are you okay Hidalgo?” Are we not bothering? The new games in my daughter’s school (Paris 7th arrondissement)… ”On social networks, several Internet users express their disgust with a play structure for children in the shape of a phallus and a vagina. According to them, the installation was made at the initiative of the mayor of Paris, directly questioned. In the comments, many parents are indignant: “How to expose children to sexuality from early childhood? For what moral objectives? “

A publication which is timely for opponents of Anne Hidalgo, while the mayor of Paris is in the midst of the campaign for the 2022 presidential election. Jérôme Rivière, MEP stamped Rassemblement national was quickly indignant in turn: “These feminist pseudonyms of #Hidalgo through #Rousseau and even a large part of #LREM are destroying our society. The politician quickly deleted his tweet, when the veracity of the information was called into question.

Opponents of the PS have seized on the fake news. – Screenshot


No offense to Anne Hidalgo’s opponents, the mayor of Paris has nothing to do with this structure, which has never been installed in the French capital. This is actually a joke on the part of the author of the initial tweet, who frequently parodies accounts that spread false news, as he told our colleagues at France Info.

On October 7, the Vancouver-area online media Daily Hive published the photograph in an article titled “Seth Rogen Production Makes Metro Vancouver Park Look Not Recommended for Children.” The male-like slide entering a vagina was installed in a park in Maple Ride, a small town in southwestern Canada. It was an integral part of the set for a film about 4 Asian-American women looking for one of their biological mothers. It will be “classified R”, therefore prohibited for children under 16 in the country. The film will be the first of Adele Lim, who worked on the screenplay for Crazy Rich Asians.

A spokesperson for the city of Maple Ridge told Daily Hive that production ended on October 5.

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