Nike sues Lil Nas X’s ‘satanic sneakers’, which contain a drop of blood

The MSCHF company launched its “Satan shoes” in partnership with rapper Lil Nas X. – MSCHF

It’s a buzz that could get expensive. On the occasion of the release of the sulphurous clip of Lil Nas X, the company MSCHF (pronounced “mischief”, “malice” in English) marketed “Satan shoes” in limited series. Problem: This is a modified version of the Air Max 97, customized with a drop of blood and a pentagram. Nike, which did not agree, took MSCHF to court, when these satanic sneakers horrified American conservatives, who see it as a sign of the decadence of our time.

Launched last week, Montero (Call me by your name), the latest single from Lil Nas X (Old town road), a hit on YouTube, with nearly 40 million views. The rapper, who proudly claims his homosexuality, which is still rare in American hip-hop, gets seduced in the Garden of Eden and goes down to hell where he gives a lap dance to Satan.

“Fight to save the soul of our nation”

For the occasion, the New York-based MSCHF, which specializes in the sale of limited-edition products, has therefore launched “satan shoes” in partnership with the rapper. The 666 copies were snapped up in less than a minute despite a price exceeding $ 1,000.

Nike sued MSCHF in New York City for copyright infringement. The equipment manufacturer stresses that the sneakers even display its famous comma and claims to have that its reputation “has been damaged” because the public could believe that the company “supported Satanism”.

South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem assured him on Twitter on Sunday: “We are engaged in a fight to save the soul of our nation. “Amen?

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