Nickel Digital, Metaplex, and Other Companies Affected by FTX Collapse

Nickel Digital Asset Management isn’t the only company affected by FTX’s collapse and bankruptcy. The NFT Metaplex protocol has also been laid off. “Many members of the Metaplex Studios team” due to the “indirect effects” of the FTX collapse, Metaplex Studios co-founder and CEO Stephen Hess shared on Twitter:

“While our inventory is not directly affected by the collapse of FTX and our fundamentals remain strong. But the indirect effect on the market is significant and requires us to take a more cautious approach moving forward.”

The Ontario Teachers Pension Fund also suffered some of the losses.announceof the Canadian Teachers Pension Fund, having invested $75 million in FTX International l and FTX.US, investing “less than 0.05%”. But the fund confirmed that “The financial loss of this investment will have a limited impact. This is determined by its size in relation to our total net assets. and our strong financial position.”

London-based crypto investment firm Nickel Digital Asset Management reported on Nov. 18 that approximately $12 million is attached to FTX, founder and chief investment officer Michael Hall said. The company cannot withdraw money. This represents approximately 6% of the $200 million in assets under management.

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