NFT Art Con, an annual exhibition that will be held in Chiang Mai from December 3-11, 2022.

NFT Art Con is an annual exhibition held in Chiang Mai, Thailand and aims to be one of the most important gatherings in the region.

This exhibition is organized with the support of local artists and creators who promote and support the growth of art and technology simultaneously. NFT Art Con is also in collaboration with Chiang Mai Design Festival 2022, which is directed by the Creative Economy Agency of Thailand. and important support from the Foundation Tezos A global blockchain focused on driving creative industries.

The festival features various activities such as talks by leading NFT creators and developers, workshops, NFT flea markets, best Crypto art exhibitions from around the world. This event is a great opportunity for local artists and audiences to network and learn from one another.

What are NFTs?

Many people may not know that NFT is actually one of the technologies used to communicate and work with blockchain. to deal with data and digital assets It stands for No-Fungible Token, or a token that cannot be traded without waiting for something of value. Art works are then backed up by NFT and stored on the blockchain. to identify the authenticity and ownership of the work Including being used to generate income in the crypto market worth a total of millions of dollars.

The future of the creative economy When art is on the blockchain

Artists or creators have always questioned the future of the creative industry. Until when one of the answers like Blockchain technology was born. Collecting jobs in the virtual world has become another attraction of more than 20 million people around the world. holding crypto assets Because in addition to opening up the attitude towards art addiction It also generates huge revenue streams and new opportunities for creators.

decentralized concept to opportunities that spread to the local

The concept of decentralization Decentralization is one of the fundamental concepts of blockchain. The same goes for those interested in this technology. It is designed to protect and disclose data transparency without intermediaries. Free access to finance has therefore become a draw for investors from around the world. And since it doesn’t block or discriminate between castes, the creation of NFT is not limited to one group but can mean anyone. And it gives local people the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. Especially in the creative world. Art has become easier to connect with people, so the selling of NFT works by people in South East Asia has been increasing in popularity every year. This may be because people in the region have creative skills. Fine art is the original cost. Lack of opportunities to connect to global markets That’s why NFT has served to decentralize to local people far from the center.

Tezos aims to support the creative economy.

is a clean energy blockchain used by developers, artists, entrepreneurs, brands and others. Many more from around the world build it and contribute to the network of decentralized applications. Tezos’ modular architecture enables seamless community-defined upgrades and deploys new advancements. To drive future innovation, and with TZAPC (Singapore), Asia’s leading agency supporting the Tezos ecosystem, the company has designed a blockchain transformation strategy that will create added value for enterprises and creators in a supportive way. bottom base to top The team works closely with blockchain experts and other stakeholders in the Tezos ecosystem, and the TZ APAC team is backed by the Tezos Foundation and headquartered in Singapore.

TZ APAC’s main goal is to elevate artists and creators in Southeast Asia. By taking advantage of the booming NFT industry in the region, through participation in events such as Art Moments Jakarta 2022 and Indonesia’s Independence Day. Through partnerships with well-known companies such as McLaren racing, TZ APAC is able to provide a platform for regional artists and creators to grow and see Tezos as a space for the arts. And this is at the heart of all initiatives.

TZ APAC is also a community enabler and creator. As a Tezos blockchain adoption company in Asia, this is where TZ APAC comes in to foster the creation of tools, platforms, technologies and expand the Asian builder, brand and developer base that will thrive in Web 3.0. The wide variety of Asia and know how to tap into the immense potential of each market.

Art exhibition in the form of NFT

by Chiang Mai artists and foreign artists from more than 15 countries

under the support of Chiang Mai Design Week

The works are exhibited in high-resolution printing at the Chiang Mai Art and Culture Center. Chiangmai City Art and Cultural Center

and in digital format and Artist Market at Manthana Warehouse, Chang Moi Road.

Workshop activities at [JAI Cafe]([0]=AZUY6SB2YkpnHiZx4DJXgp94QCK3U7Mw0EOk2x2dZOCCepFvnJOJ59KY7kbZGAXvYE0GRbAi9T9kQerkvsu6FjpRTSPOZtGDnSNlJ65xta5IJ-MLKHh6E_YuBEb5xrnlWmcLDXaHebOchr3vnqceexkB=&__tn__t]KR)

December 3

  • 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. What is NFT? What is NFT by Sarisa Kojima?
  • 16.00 -17.30 Character Behavior by Ilya Popov

December 4

  • 14.00 -16.00 Art Fair Shill Space – Creator & Project Present

10. December

  • 14.00 -16.00 Tezos NFT ; How to get starts

December 11

  • 14.00 -16.00 Near NFT Workshop

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